NFBCT members fishing



            The National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut (NFB of CT) is a state affiliate of the oldest, largest and most active organization of blind people in this country. We are a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization of blind people who work to make lives better for blind people in this state and the nation. We do not use the services of a professional fundraiser and our organization is registered with the Department of Consumer Protection, State of Connecticut, Registration # CHR.0003130. We are proud of the fact that we spend an average of more than 85% of our income on our programs and services. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of individuals to continue our work in this state. Contributions help establish a society where blind people actively participate and succeed.

            Members of the NFB of CT believe that with proper training, opportunity and the ability to come together to support one another, a blind person can live the life he or she wants and can be an active, participating member of our society. We know that blindness is not the characteristic that defines us or our futures. Every day, we work to raise the expectations of blind people because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams.

            The NFB of CT offers annual scholarships to blind students from Connecticut who are entering or attending college. We also offer the Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning (BELL) Program, a one-week day camp for blind children, which is designed to help blind children enhance their Braille abilities. Our Connecticut Affiliate also maintains NFB-Newsline® here in the state. NFB-Newsline® is a nationwide free audio information service available where anyone who is blind, visually impaired or print-disabled can access well over three hundred publications including magazines and local newspapers the same day that they are published. NFB-Newsline® can be accessed any time you choose, 24/7 via a variety of methods, including touch-tone telephone, website, using portable players and devices such as tablets and smart phones.

            The NFB of CT provides advocacy assistance on behalf of blind persons who have met with discrimination in education, employment, housing, guide dog accessibility, etc. Through our divisions, local chapters and annual state convention, we provide networking opportunities for blind people in Connecticut.

            So often, when a person becomes blind, he or she finds it difficult to know where to go for help, training, etc. We want to share our knowledge and experience with every blind person looking for information. The work we do touches so many lives that blind people throughout our state cannot imagine a world without the Connecticut affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind. We need your help and we are asking for your contribution. Please think of us and the hard work we do right here in Connecticut. Let us continue changing the world for the better; one blind person at a time.


Maryanne Melley, President