The National Federation of the Blind
of Connecticut
The NFBCT-Coccomo Quarterly Grant

Brought To You By The
National Federation of the Blind
of Connecticut
Through The Generosity Of
The John A. Coccomo, Sr. Foundation

John A. Coccomo was born in 1926. He served in a tank corps in central Europe during WW II. He lost the sight of one eye while in combat. After his tour of duty, John Coccomo had a very successful business career in real estate development, building and operating a number of nursing homes, apartment complexes and other commercial structures. He was an exceptional designer and was noted for building very high quality structures. Mr. Coccomo was also involved in community activities, especially youth sports programs. Always without fanfare he supported many charities in Connecticut. In 1987 he created the John A. Coccomo, Sr. Foundation as a philanthropic organization for the purpose of making charitable donations limited to endowment grants and scholarships for the blind. Connecticut Institute for the Blind, Fidelco and the National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut have been the primary recipients. He died November 10, 1997, but the Foundation continues its work.

In the fall of 1995 the Foundation began to support our scholarship program and their support continues to this day. In one of the past seven years they also supported Newsline with a very significant donation. Most recently they have specifically committed resources to a program of providing technology and training services to the blind to be administered by NFB of CT.

Program Description

The NFBCT-Coccomo Grant Program is a means through which Connecticut's blind and visually impaired community can receive assistance in the pursuit of training, employment, independent living and technological advancement. It is designed for easier and more frequent access to support opportunities. The intention of the program is to facilitate a higher yield of blind community support through a manner that is as equitable as it is immediate. Grants will be disbursed directly to vendors.

The program is designed for individuals who may be seeking anything from a talking watch, a computer system, a note taker such as a BrailleNote or Braille Lite, and payment assistance toward post-secondary part-time course work. Individuals are not limited to these items. For example, one may require a new suit for the sake of maximizing impressions on job interviews.

The NFBCT-Coccomo Grants will be offered, evaluated, and awarded quarterly. Below is a chart of the deadlines and contact dates for award periods.

Award Period Deadline Date Contact Date
1st February 10 March 20
2nd May 10 June 20
3rd August 10 September 20
4th November 10 December 20

To be eligible for consideration, an applicant must be (a) legally blind as defined by the state of Connecticut and (b) a resident of Connecticut. Incomplete applications will not be considered; it is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure all documents are completed and received. Complete applications that are not awarded will remain on file for review during three subsequent periods. AWARD RECIPIENTS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A SECOND AWARD FOR A TWO YEAR PERIOD AFTER RECEIVING THE FIRST AWARD.



1. Type application form.
2. Include all necessary documentation:
(a) Certificate of blindness or letter from treating physician confirming legal blindness
(b) Two typed letters of reference, both written by individuals who can share their perceptions of the applicant, and attest to their level of competence and motivation
(c) A letter from your BESB Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor or Adult Services Social Worker detailing exactly why you were denied your request for equipment or services. In addition, inform us of any technology in your possession that you can use to support your request.
3. Mail complete paperwork to the following address:

NFBCT-Coccomo Quarterly Grant Committee
National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut
477 Connecticut Boulevard, Suite 217
East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 289-1971

(Please Type)

Date: __________________

Applicant Name: ______________________________________________

Parent or guardian name (if applicable): ____________________________

Applicant Address: _____________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________
Telephone: __________________________________________________
E-mail: ______________________________________________________


Please tell us about yourself, your goals, and describe how this product or service will enhance your daily life and/or career aspirations. Use additional page(s) if necessary.












I certify the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Applicant's signature: ___________________________________________

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For more information, E-mail us at:

The National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut
477 Connecticut Boulevard, Suite 217
East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 289-1971


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